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Reducing Risks, Increasing Efficiency


For logistics companies, the key to success in such fierce market competition is profit per order and timeliness. The Hikvision Logistics Solution is tailored for logistics service providers, especially in the management of Distribution Centers, Fulfilment Centers and Line Hauls. Leveraging intelligent video technologies, the HikCentral Platform, and an open system, Hikvision's logistics solution helps service providers who need enhanced automation and digitalization to lower operations expenses and improve timeliness. Keep reading to find out more about the key benefits of this competitive solution. 


Smart logistics park solutions


Hikvision offers  an all-encompassing solution to build safer and smarter logistics parks that not only improve comprehensive safety with its top-notch video security, access control, vehicle management and warehouse fire protection solutions, but also enhance management efficiency, improving dock scheduling and keeping track of parcels at all times. And it's all managed on one HikCentral Professional platform with visualized interfaces. 

One-stop line haul management


Hikvision's logistics Line Haul Management Solution provides logistics operators with a one-stop hardware & software solution, with modular systems designed to adapt to any unique scenario or requirement. What's more, it supports integration with third-party equipment, which is far beyond the capabilities of traditional GPS solutions, making the solution more expansive and scalable. Logistics operators can remotely monitor the whole transportation process of goods and track back evidence easily when an incident occurs,  ensuring the safety of drivers and merchandise.


Focus on terminal logistics process


To ensure secure and efficient delivery of parcels across every mile, Hikvision offers a video-based, easy-to-deploy system to help the parcel shop and parcel locker owners establish on-site security with real-time checkups and timely event notifications. This way, they can better manage their property quickly, easily, and accurately.  


AI-powered applications

With artificial intelligence-powered applications, Hikvision offers an all-encompassing solution that helps logistics companies to manage personnel, vehicles, parcels and sites, enabling more efficient daily operations and management.


Comprehensive solutions

From the very beginning of merchandise transportation to the final delivery, Hikvision's logistics solutions provides a full range of management and data feedback solutions to cover and streamline the whole logistics process.


Visualized dashboard

The digitization of the whole logistics process enables all data and problems to be fed back in real time. Logistics operators can also use a visualized dashboard to view relevant information, assist in judgment, and improve management efficiency.

Modern Architecture

Public Transport Standards 

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