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Ugreen Toslink Digital Audio Cable offers digital audio using a fiber optic cable. Suitable for whenever you want to connect an audio device, such as a CD or DVD, to a receiver or preamplifler. It is clean, accurate sound, no distrortion or signal interference.

-For Home Theater Sound bar TV PS4 Xbox Blu-Ray Players Playstation and More 6FT

- Ideal for connecting high-performance audio components such as CD players, Blu-Ray players, DAT recorders, DVD players, game consoles and other audio devices. with digital optical interface (S/PDIF) to receiver/preamp audio processor or digital-to-analog converter

- Fiber optic cable shields against electromagnetic and radio frequency waves that may arise from power lines. Delivers crystal-clear sound for a more realistic representation of the original recorded sound.

- With a durable nylon braided aluminum case that protects the cable from bending, cuts, scratches and nicks. Polished and corrosion resistant gold-plated optical connectors provide maximum conductivity and minimize signal loss.

- Compatible with S/PDIF, ADAT's, Dolby Digital & DTS; With removable rubber tips to protect the cable when not in use.

- Simply connect each end to their respective ports on supported devices. Then you can enjoy your favorite music, movies, video games in purer and clearer sound.




  • Toslink (SPIDF) male cable

  • connector metal shell

  • Superior resistance to EMI/RFI and GROUND LOOP interference.

  • Support digital audio devices such as DAT recorders, Minidisk. Player, CD and DVD players, satellite dish receivers, speakers and other products use Toslink. Optical interface

    * Square mouth buckle design

    *Protective cover design

    *S/PDIF protocol transmission

    *Dolby 7.1 channel

    *Gold-plated connectors


    *Aluminum case + braid

UGREEN (AV108) Optical Audio Cable Fiber Audio Digital Toslink Cable Braided for

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