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This HDMI to Display Port video converter with USB add power allows you to connect your computer, notebook, Apple TV, Chromebook, Rasberry Pi, DV, to projectors, monitors, TVs and displays with the Display interface. Port Support resolution up to 4K @30Hz, FHD 1080p @120Hz Support LPCM, HDCP high quality audio If the source device has insufficient power supply, a micro USB cable can be connected to the power supply. or a computer to add power

connection characteristics

HDMI/M (Male) + USB AM (Male) Power --> Displayport/F (Female) cable length 50cm

Usage format

Connect HDMI from the computer, notebook, Blu-ray player, HD Player, etc. side to a Displayport monitor using a Displayport M/M cable (Displayport M/M cable not included in the box, must be supplied). more)

*** Applications can be used in one direction. Cannot be used in reverse The usage pattern is as stated in the illustration only***

UGREEN (40238) HDMI to Displayport Converter 4K2K@30Hz,1080P@120Hz

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