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The FIBARO Single/Double Switch modules are key elements for managing your home. They will prove useful in different places and serve a variety of functions. Smart switch will let you turn on/off the lights, electrical appliances or cut off power from the sockets. Thanks to the power metering feature, it will provide precise information about electric energy consumption.


FIBARO Single Switch is a key component for managing your home.

allows you to open  and  turn off electrical appliances  or  cut off power from  socket

With the power meter function, they will also provide accurate information about the electrical power consumption.

FIBARO Single Switch is designed with small size.  and  The best fit of the junction box  install  and  light switch socket

You can do it yourself.  or  Get help from professional installers from our network of partners.  FIBARO

FIBARO Single Switch allows you to turn on  and  Turn off any electrical equipment.  other  from a distance

You can open your dishwasher.  or  Automatic shutdown in case of malfunction at any time

You can control all household appliances by turning them off.  or  Turn on the power in the socket.

It can be used in conjunction with technology too.  Apple HomeKit  with  FIBARO  and  your favorite platform 

You can manually launch the app from the app by selecting the device.  and  open  or  Close wherever you are, whenever.

Mobile app  and  Internet access is sufficient for remotely controlling home appliances.

The rest of the equipment in standby mode will increase the energy bill.  and  Only environmental loads easily solve this problem by automatically eliminating unwanted equipment.

can communicate wirelessly  Bluetooth 

simple design

Voice control  Apple Siri

can work with  iOS 9  go up

Functions can work at home together.

FIBARO Single Switch

฿3,900.00 Regular Price
฿2,200.00Sale Price
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