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Moving Forward, Safer and Smarter


As the population of the city grows Car ownership and the burden of urban traffic systems are also increasing. Obviously, solutions are needed that improve perception. Eliminate complexity and reduce labor. The main objective is to keep everyone moving safely and responsibly on the road. Optimizing the use of existing transport resources and respond to traffic incidents as quickly as possible, but how?

What we offer


Traffic violation management


Hikvision solutions help traffic authorities accurately identify and reduce unsafe driving, contributing to the development of safe, fluid traffic in modern cities.

Traffic order management


Hikvision solutions help traffic authorities optimize order on the roads, enhance traffic safety and efficiency, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of law-abiding drivers, and automate traffic optimization with data analysis.


Traffic command center


Traffic command centers help authorities get real-time road status updates for smart decision-making and efficient enforcement with a unified command interface, enhancing safety levels by reducing serious accident ratios and guaranteeing smooth road operations.


Enhancing road safety

Multi-scene monitoring and intelligent software platforms help supervise and regulate driving and enhance road safety.


Improving traffic efficiency

Optimized traffic through data analysis using cameras and back-end devices, helping municipalities build smart, well-informed urban traffic systems.


Reducing enforcement disputes

Evidence gets collected in high definition and provides end-to-end violation management processes and methods to standardize traffic law enforcement.


safe traffic

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