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1. Bass radiator
It is more beautiful than the traditional glue, reliable "two-color injection molding" integrated bass radiator and rice grain array TPU suspension, the sound vibration damping is more consistent, the sound stability is also enhanced, the high and medium bass are excellent.
2. DRC dynamic compression algorithm
The DRC dynamic compression algorithm is used to make the sound bright and not distorted, clear and unambiguous. Every sentence and every word can be heard clearly and every note of the original music.
3. Function:
Power on/off
Press and hold the switch button on the side of the speaker for 2 seconds, then you can release the sound when you hear the power on. Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers will automatically enter the Bluetooth Discovery mode, so you can easily pair Bluetooth.
4. Pairing bluetooth
Turn on the bluetooth option for devices and select " Xiaomi bluetooth Speaker" in my device. After the connection is successful, there will be a prompt tone. In subsequent use, as long as the bluetooth of the device is turned on, it can be automatically connected.

Xiaomi Wireless bluetooth 5.0 Speaker Xiaoai Version Portable Xiaomi Square Box

฿1,290.00 一般價格
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