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The Mijia Reciprocating Electric Shaver with floating dual shaving heads, IPX7 Waterproof whole body dry & wet washing design, mini size it's portable,magnetic shaving holder, Type-C charging and it takes 1 hour to be full charged, ultra-thin 16mm width, long battery life stanby-60 Mintues. Moreover, 3 Minutes flash charging support 5 Minutes shaving!Just Enjoy Your Extrem-cleaning Shaving Experience!!!



Model MSW201

Waterproof Grade IPX7

Charging Time 1 Hour

Working Time 60 Min

Motor Speed 6500RPM

Rated 5WRated

Voltage 5V

Size 16.5x56.6x95.0mm

Weight 107g

Feature:- Use sharp and tough Nippon Steel.- Lightweight and portable, only 16.6mm thick, weighing about 107g.- Skin-friendly dual blade, shaving quickly and more comfortable.- With Voronoi geometry, the design is inspired by the dragonfly's wings.- The blade is at an acute angle of 27 degrees, greatly enhancing the blade cutting force.- Silent and high speed of 6500 rpm, run-time noise only 65dB.- Shave for 1 minutes daily for 60 days.

More Details Speaking:- Whole body washing.The whole machine IPX7 waterproof, blade head and body can be washed directly under the running water, clean more easily and simply; Support wet & dry shaving.- Long press the key for 3s to lock and unlock the machine.Open the locking state when carrying, avoid accidentally touching to start the shaver.- Magnetic suction blade head.Easy to use and more durable, do not have to distinguish the positive and negative side of magnetic structure blade head, easy to disassemble and clean; Zinc alloy vacuum electroplating process blade holder, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, and smooth and delicate touch.

XIAOMI MIJIA เครื่องโกนหนวดไฟฟ้า Electric Shaver Reciprocating Dual Blade MSW201

฿1,128.00 一般價格
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