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Genuine Ugreen CM180 4-in-1 memory card reader Specifications

- Manufacturer: Ugreen

- Model: CM180  - Features: Memory card reader with USB 3.0 port, support speed up to 5Gbps

- Design All in one with CF / SD / TF / MS card slot, supports 256GB memory card reader

- 50540 Supports 4 cards read or write not simultaneously.
- 50541 Supports 4 cards read or write simultaneously.

- Protective cap design, protects USB connector from damage. - Product box only has a card reader, not including

memory cards.

- Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux

- No need to install Driver, Plug and play is right

- Color: gray

- 24-month warranty

- we promise the product is immediately renovated

- We always always available.

- New products

- genuine

- Commitment not to sell repairing machines, of poor quality.

UGREEN CM180 USB 3.0 Card Reader 4 In 1

฿480.00 一般價格
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