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 Production: Ugreen


- Model: 50739 


- Maximum resolution: 1080P @ 60Hz


- Support network cable length: 50M Cat6 (please select the plain copper network cable)


- Support HDMI Input and Output cable: 10M (pure 26AWG cable)


- Support HDCP 1.4 and 3D display.


- Support EDID reading and writing technology, automatically optimize the resolution.


- Power supply: 5V 1A (option)


Product features


- 50m HDMI Amplifier via Ugreen 50739 network cable is a solution for connecting images and audio for devices at long distances via Cat5e / 6 network cable, supporting resolutions up to FullHD 1080P @ 60Hz, suitable for Suitable for construction, stage, school, commercial center .... 


- HDMI 50M extender via Ugreen 50739 network cable includes a transmitter (Sender) and a receiver (Receiver), with HDMI Input / Output signal supporting FullHD 1080P @ 60Hz paired together by long CAT6 network cable up to 50m. The solution to replace HDMI cable with this network cable makes it possible for you to have peace of mind when going to underground wiring systems, long-distance wiring, and reducing construction and maintenance costs ... 


- The HDMI to Ugreen 50739 network adapter supports EDID resolution automatic technology, which means that when you connect to any device, Ugreen 50739 automatically selects the best resolution. , you just plug and play, no need to install

Ugreen 50739 อุปกรณ์ขยายสัญญาณ HDMI with Ethernet / HDMI Expansion cable with Et

฿2,450.00 一般價格
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