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根据客户的个人需求,在 OvrC Connect 中为您的客户创建和更新远程自定义命令。通过该应用程序,他们将能够重置任何启用 OvrC 的设备,以及连接到各个 WattBox 插座或 Araknis PoE 端口的设备。

通过使用 OvrC Connect 宏预编程的一系列重置,客户甚至可以通过一次触摸重置多个设备。

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通过 OvrC Connect 应用程序,您的客户只需按一下按钮即可管理 Wi-Fi 访问和过滤网络内容。

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通过易于设置的用户配置文件,管理员可以安排和限制网络上任何人的 Wi-Fi 访问。

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将您的公司徽标和联系信息添加到 OvrC Connect,以便客户可以直接从应用程序发送电子邮件或给您打电话。


将 OvrC Connect 提供给任何位置的多个用户,因此每个人都可以使用远程重置的功能。

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我们一直在向 OvrC 添加新功能,因此请访问我们的博客以查看最新更新。

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当您不在办公室、与家人外出,而客户无法联系到您时,OvrC Connect 可让他们解决常见问题或自行管理网络。

Hotel Solution KNX

     Eelectron is an Italian company that produces KNX standard electronic hardware and software devices. Our range of products is aimed towards hotel automation, home evolution and building automation. Member of the KNX Association for the Manufacturers category since 2005, Eelectron is a leading example on the national scene in the field of European standards protocols. The philosophy of Eelectron is to future aspects of design and aesthetics and functionality research with the development of highly innovative devices, combining KNX interoperability and compliance with the strictest International quality standards. The experience of Eelectron staff is at the full disposal of our users, with ongoing training activities, product assistance and continuing development that pays particular attention to client requirements, emerging applications, energy savings and the implementation of simple, efficient and client-oriented solutions.

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