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With the touch of a button, customers can fix small problems on their own schedule without needing to know system complexities.


Create and update remote custom commands for your clients in OvrC Connect, based on their individual needs. Through the app, they’ll be able to reset any OvrC-enabled devices, plus devices connected to individual WattBox outlets or Araknis PoE ports.

Clients can even reset multiple devices with a single touch, through a sequence of resets pre-programmed with OvrC Connect macros.

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Through the OvrC Connect app, your customers can manage Wi-Fi access and filter network content with the push of a button.

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With easy-to-setup user profiles, admins can schedule and restrict Wi-Fi access to anyone on the network.

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Multiple filter levels range from basic malware protection to advanced content filtering, so customers can choose one that best fits their needs.

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Add your company logo and contact information to OvrC Connect, so clients can email or call you straight from the app.


Give OvrC Connect to multiple users at any location, so everyone has access to the power of remote resets.

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We’re always adding new features to OvrC, so visit our blog to see the latest updates.

OvrC Home App.jpg


When you're out of the office, out with your family, and customers can't reach you, OvrC Connect lets them resolve common issues or manage their network on their own.

Hotel Solution KNX

     Eelectron is an Italian company that produces KNX standard electronic hardware and software devices. Our range of products is aimed towards hotel automation, home evolution and building automation. Member of the KNX Association for the Manufacturers category since 2005, Eelectron is a leading example on the national scene in the field of European standards protocols. The philosophy of Eelectron is to future aspects of design and aesthetics and functionality research with the development of highly innovative devices, combining KNX interoperability and compliance with the strictest International quality standards. The experience of Eelectron staff is at the full disposal of our users, with ongoing training activities, product assistance and continuing development that pays particular attention to client requirements, emerging applications, energy savings and the implementation of simple, efficient and client-oriented solutions.

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